Why Data-Driven Chiropractic in Upper Arlington Matters To Me

Why Data-Driven Chiropractic in

Upper Arlington Matters To Me

Chiropractor Upper Arlington OH Dr Jacob Coffman

When I told my family I wanted to be a chiropractor in Upper Arlington I was told,

“That’s great.”
“We’re excited for you.”
“You’re going to be a great one.”

My dad and grandpa responded with,

“You’re not going to be a Chiropractor.”
“You’re not going to be a quack.”
“Don’t you want to be a real doctor?”

I think my grandpa thought I was limiting myself by becoming a chiropractor.

My grandpa used to be the president of the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association. My dad has been working for the federal government since before I was born.

These were two of the men I respected most in my life and I didn't want to let them down.
Looking back I think my dad's main concern was that I could get caught up in fraud. He'd dealt with Chiropractors and the ones he'd dealt with were the ones he was arresting.

I spent the next 6 months sending my dad and grandpa research about Chiropractic. Trying to convince them and myself that this was the right decision.

After Graduation

I graduated with my bachelors and headed to Dallas, Tx to start the 4 year process of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Luckily with my family’s blessing, Dad and Grandpa included.

Going in, I wanted to do something that resonated with me, that I could be proud of and something I thought my dad and grandpa would respect.

I found it during my second year of school, data driven Chiropractic.

It had research backing it, it was driven by analysis, it made logical and physiological sense and because of this I saw it as the most beneficial for patients.

I spent the remaining time in school learning as much as I could about data driven Chiropractic.

Optimize Chiropractic

Now I am opening my own practice and data driven chiropractic is something I can be proud of. It allows me to measure where a patient is when they initially come in. How they are progressing through their care and at the end of their corrective care where they are and if we reached the goals we set out to meet. I’m able to do this reliably and objectively through data driven Chiropractic.

I went into school hoping to find something I could be proud of, something that resonated with me, and that my dad, grandpa and family could respect.

I found it with data driven chiropractic.

It's not a cure for any disease or neck and back pain.

It’s a way to measure the compression, breakdown and twist of the spine. Which can have countless negative effects on the human body.

Then a way to restore that alignment to normal.

Feel free to follow along as I create an office built around data driven Chiropractic.

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