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Optimize Chiropractic is a Structural Chiropractic center based in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive solution to resolving problems related to the spine and nervous system, to allow your body to work at its best.

Our Unique Approach.

Dr. Jake Coffman is 1 of 200 doctors trained in the QSM3 protocol for structural correction. What does that mean for you as a patient? 

What Is A Neuro-Structural Misalignment?

When the body shifts out of alignment and is disrupting the spinal nerves and spinal cord, it can create many different secondary conditions or symptoms. The reason these are called secondary conditions is because they are a result of the primary structural misalignment, or the underlying cause...

Who Can We Help.

Optimize Chiropractic has helped people of all ages and many health issues secondary to a Neuro-Structural Misalignment. These include...



At Optimize Chiropractic we also help athletes at every level get more out of their training and performance by fine tuning their structure through structural analysis and correction. 


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