Neuro-Structural Chiropractic

At Optimize Chiropractic, our goal is to correct the problem and then show you how to keep it that way. To do this, we will create a plan of care that is specifically customized to you and your condition. We 
understand that most people just want a bandage, just as we understand there are many Chiropractors whose 
focus is removing symptoms. We think that's great, but for folks that want to deal with their conditions 
once and for all, we offer our services.

Our Approach

  • Data Driven
  • We Respect Your Time

How we do it

We measure 

  • The alignment of your shoulders, hips, neck and head.
  • The imbalance in your body by using bilateral weight scales.
  • How your body is adapting to stress.
  • Your Operating System.

Using these measurements we are able to tell

  • The degree to which you are out of alignment.
  • How to correct your misalignment. 
  • What we expect when it comes to your response.

The Correction

  • A calculated and gentle release at the top to restore your alignment. 


Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

There is no fee for the 20 minute Complimentary Consultation.

Following a complimentary consultation, you will have the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive structural chiropractic examination. The exam will be thoroughly performed by Dr. Jake to identify the nature of your neuro-structural misalignment.

After the examination, if a neuro-structural misalignment has been confirmed, a conference to review the results will be scheduled. Dr. Jake will discuss the nature of your specific neuro-structural misalignment, care options, and deliver your first structural correction.