Chiropractic Testimonials

“What an amazing experience!! I've struggled with neck pain for years and just after 1 appointment have felt SO much better. Dr. Coffman is so passionate and explains everything in such great detail. I highly recommend this practice and look forward to going again very soon!”

- Danielle S.

“What an amazing experience! I've had back, right leg pain for decades thru my Military career. I was always afraid to see a chiropractor, because of the popping and didn't want my back worse. I met Dr. Coffman at Chamber event, he talked about his procedure of never popping or touching the back. I gave it a shot and so glad I did. I felt so much better after one visit. I continue to see Dr. Coffman every week, for now over a year, I do not want to go backwards. I highly recommend this Dr. Coffman.”

- Edward G.

“Dr. Jake and his office, Optimize Chiropractic has been a source of positivity that I really needed this year. I was in search of a chiropractor that would be able to help ease the back pain I was suffering from due to an injury earlier this year. From the first time I walked in, it just felt right. I felt comfortable, his data driven approach was something new, but refreshing and I never once felt like I was being forced into anything, and he really took the time to explain how his approach could help me. Over the past several months, going twice a week, I saw big improvements with my tilt in my posture all within just the first few visits and now after several months, I’m able to maintain that shift. Dr. Jake is kind, accommodating and a fantastic chiropractor and I can’t thank him enough for his help this year!”

- Jordan G.

“WOW! Dr. Jake made me totally comfortable and talked me through everything that he was doing and what he was seeing which really helped put me at ease! Additionally, I have a significant tilt to my shoulders and in one session that tilt was greatly reduced! I loved seeing instant progress 10/10 would recommend to a friend!”

- Aimee S.

“I am always looking forward to my next appointment with Doctor Coffman. As a high school student playing sports all year round, I find that my body’s alignment is so important to how I perform and how I recover. Doctor Coffman has a thorough understanding of his methods and will try to answer any and all questions you may have. I highly recommend making an appointment with Doctor Coffman!”

- Ava D.

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By appointment only

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