Meet Dr. Jake

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You deserve to know. End of story. When it comes to your health, you deserve to have open communication about your health; you deserve to know exactly what is happening with your health and why your doctor is doing what they are doing. You have the right to ask questions and your doctor should be able to answer those questions or get you the answer. 

 I’m Dr. Jake Coffman and that’s how I set up my office. Growing up in a family of medical doctors I came into Chiropractic with a different ideology. I’d been to the Chiropractor before and I felt better, but I didn’t know the how or the why. I’d heard things about the nervous system, immune function, bones out of place and more but knew that couldn’t be the whole picture. 

 It wasn’t the whole picture.

A year into school a professor of mine introduced me to structural chiropractic. A niche group of chiropractic that was built out of research where you could measure what was happening to the body before and after every correction, but even though this niche group had the ability to measure before and after every correction the majority didn’t. Why not? I don’t know, but we do. We take a Data-Driven approach to correct the structure. Measuring the alignment of the head, neck, shoulder, spine, and hips every visit before and after each correction using a multi-axial digital analysis system so that we can be more precise and so you can leave the office every visit knowing that your structure is improving. 

 Maybe you read this and still want to know more about me the person.

▪️So here’s a little about me.
▪️I recently got engaged and am getting married this fall to the woman of my dreams.
▪️I grew up in Oklahoma and am a huge football fan.
▪️I like to smile a lot.
▪️I enjoy working out and am in the process of training to compete in powerlifting. 
▪️When I’m not at the office, reading research, or analyzing data you can find my fiancé and I enjoying some coffee strolling around Columbus.