How We Use Data

We use a Data-Driven approach so you
don’t have to wonder if you’re improving.

If you don’t know, you’re guessing. If you’re not measuring, you don’t know.

By measuring 9 aspects of the structure of the body we can tell how the body has broken down and use this data to guide it back to normal.

If the structure is off the function will be off. We measure that too.

We measure the biomechanical motions of the body as well as the Operating System of the body (aOS).

Optimize Chiropractic Data-Driven

Pre & Post Analysis

By measuring the structure before and after every correction you leave with a precise understanding of how you’re improving.

Optimize Chiropractic Data Columbus Ohio

Analyzing The Data

How are you improving? We can ask you how you’re feeling and we will but that only tells half the story. By analyzing your data we can show you the ins and outs of your improvement.

Structural Chiropractic Columbus

Precision Measurement

If you don’t know you’re guessing and if you aren’t measuring then you don’t know. When it comes to your health we’d never guess what’s going on. That’s why we use state of the art multi-axial digital analysis to get an in-depth look at your structural and biomechanics.