Following a complimentary consultation at our office in Upper Arlington, you will have the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive data-driven structural chiropractic examination. Unlike some other chiropractic offices where the exam is done in 15 minutes by someone other than the doctor, this exam will be thoroughly performed by Dr. Jake to identify the nature of your structural misalignment. The exam will include:

  • Precision Structural Analysis

  • Balance Testing

  • Range Of Motion

  • Center Of Gravity Testing

  • aOS Analysis (heart rate variability)

    ***Please be prepared to dress appropriately for the examination. It is required that you have atheletic/gym shorts available,

After the examination, if a structural misalignment has been confirmed, a follow up conference to review the results will be scheduled. Dr. Jake will discuss the nature of your specific structural misalignment, care options, and deliver your first structural correction.