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It seems like eggs just can’t get a break. (Punny I know) One year they’re bad for you the next they’re good for you. A recent article came out in New York Times discussing the “health related problems” with eggs. Below are some facts on eggs for you.

Reason why people and some research say eggs are bad for you.

  • High Cholesterol

  • High Fat

  • Some studies show increased heart disease risk. 

 Reasons why eggs aren’t bad for you.

  • High cholesterol in the diet isn’t correlated to high cholesterol in the blood stream.

  • High cholesterol in the blood stream happens when there is break down in the walls of blood vessels (due to inflammation) and the body sends cholesterol through the blood stream to stop the break down similar to a scab build up. 

  • The fat in eggs is primarily monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat not the true culprits of heart disease trans-fats and saturated fats.

  • The studies that show eggs are associated with increase heart disease are primarily assessed using food questionnaires where individuals fill out a form on what they’ve eaten. While in some scientific research this is a valid way to conduct research when it comes to diet its one of the least accurate ways to assess the effect of a diet.

  • The studies aren’t looking at the other foods that the individuals are eating, many times eggs are eaten with foods including high trans and saturated fats and a large amount of carbohydrates. 

Key Point- Don’t get your health information from a mass produced news paper. Their profit is based on clicks not facts.

🧠 Central sensitization! (CS)

CS is an increase in function of neurons and circuits in the pain (nociceptive) pathway.

Pain is a normal evolutionary reaction to keep us safe from things that harm us.

However after being in pain for a long time or under stress for a long period of time the neurons involved in the pain pathway start to rewire

Since the body is perceiving us as not getting out of the painful/stressful situation it rewires our brain so that less pain and stress causes a greater reaction/increase pain.

By improving alignment and taking off the structural stress the overall stress on the body is reduced.

Correcting the structure is similar to flipping the breaker box after blowing a fuse. It resets the abnormal firing of neurons and helps to bring the body back to an overall normal state resulting in decreased pain and increased function.

Check out the video below to learn more!