Podcast: Heart Rate Variability, Recovery & Structural Chiropractic

A few weeks ago I met with Daniel Wesley (Wes), Owner of Self Made Training Facility Cbus. A gym here in the Columbus area that will be opening in October.

Wes has been training elite triathletes for years and wanted to know more about how Structural Chiropractic can benefit athletes when it comes to recovery and overall health.

Wes and I had a great conversation and he asked me to join him on his podcast this past Monday.

You can listen to that conversation below, we cover Structural Chiropractic, how to utilize Heart Rate Variability in training and more.

Podcast: Listen Here

There are some profanities laced throughout the podcast so if thats not your cup of tea Iā€™d suggest not listening to this one.

On the other hand I hope you enjoy it and as always if you have any questions feel free to email me at DrCoffman@optimizecolumbus.com

Jacob Coffman