July Coffee Of The Month: Stauf's

Optimize Coffee Of The Month .JPG

Good morning!!

I'm excited to announce that July's coffee of the month is Stauf's

Stauf's is special to me. 

When I first moved to Columbus and was working on writing the business plan for Optimize Chiropractic, meeting people throughout the community, and working on creating this website, I often went to Stauf's to enjoy their amazing coffee and atmosphere. 

I can't say how many hours I spent at Stauf's or how many cups of coffee I went through but I know it was alot. 

Here is a small list of the things I finished while brainstorming and enjoying coffee at Stauf's.

Completed this website.
Set up the email delivery system (mailchimp).
Wrote 2 of the first monthly newsletters.
Met with over 10 people throughout the community.
Designed the decor of the office.
Designed the posters in the office.
Designed the layout of the office.
And alot more...

Needless to say my time at Stauf's was productive and Stauf's will always be a special place for me to visit and continue to go to.   

If you're a patient here I hope you enjoy this awesome coffee after your structural correction and if not definitely stop by Stauf's to enjoy their awesome coffee and atmosphere!

Here is there website --> Stauf's Website

More specifics on the specific roast of coffee...

This months coffee from Stauf's is their PERU PENACHI FTO, it has a nutty and buttery flavor, its light bodied and has an exceptionally clean finish (this is what they told me all I know is that its delicious!). 

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow along!



Jacob Coffman