“What’s The Research Say?” A Video Series by Dr. Jake Coffman

Research has peaked my interest since I first started looking into becoming a Chiropractor.

Growing up I heard many stigmas associated with Chiropractic, witch doctor, quacks, not real doctors… You get the point. So when trying to decide on whether or not to become a Chiropractor, I started to look up research pertaining to Chiropractic to “make sure it was real”.

I found quite a bit, most of it was on neck pain, back pain, and some on headaches. This was 7 years ago and I had no idea what to search for.

After 4 years of studying Chiropractic and 1 year in practice I now know there is a lot more research out there on Chiropractic then what I was finding while sitting in the library diving into EBSCO Host.

Where does that leave us now?

I think everyone should have access to that research in a semi-digestible manner and because of that I’ve decided to do a video series, “What’s The Research Say?”

It will come out at least once a month and I will be summarizing different research articles pertaining to health. It will vary from articles on concussion to fibromyalgia to ACL tear prevention.

If you have a topic you want me to look into and discuss email me at DrCoffman@OptimizeColumbus.com

I hope you enjoy this series and find it informative and beneficial.

Below is the first video where I go over the relationship between muscular imbalance, head acceleration, concussion and how it’s related. Enjoy!


Jacob Coffman