Location, Location, Location....

Optimize Chiropractic now has a location. 

I wish I could tell you that during the whole process I stuck to this one area and didn't waiver, but that’s not how it happened. The following is the process. 

When I first started looking for locations I wanted to find a place where I could see myself raising a family and a location that could sustain a thriving Neuro-Structural Chiropractic center. That led to looking at demographics and top rated schools in Ohio. When doing this, I found an area north of Columbus that looked very promising. 

The TriVillage area, it includes Upper Arlington, Grandview and Marble Cliff. The first time I visited this area was over Thanksgiving to take a look at the community and the surrounding businesses. I liked what I saw and decided this is where I was going to open Optimize Chiropractic. 

It’s not that simple though.

When I got to Columbus I was able to connect with an awesome realtor, Derek Lichtfuss, though a family friend.

I told him the specifics I was looking for.

A few of them were...

800-1200 square feet.

Off-street parking.

Roadway signage.

ADA Compliant. 

Within a few weeks we were able to determine there weren't a lot of options in the TriVillage Area that fit the above criteria.

We then expanded our search to include, German Village, Short North, and Downtown. 

By expanding our search we were able to find more properties.

On paper they fit my criteria, but upon visiting them they did not.

They were either: 

Not ADA Compliant.

Didn’t provide enough parking spaces.

Had no signage.

Were too small or too large. 

It was nearing the end of January and I was starting to wonder if a spring opening was going to turn in to a summer opening. 

However, one area that Derek and I had talked about kept coming up. It was along Dublin Road.

It ran from Downtown Columbus to Upper Arlington where it turns into Riverside Drive.

It was on the way to and from the TriVillage Area and Downtown Columbus. 

Many people choose that route to commute instead of the highway.

It was accessible for a large part of Columbus and the surrounding areas. (Under 30 minutes)

Both Derek and I thought this would be a great location.

That next week I drove the route and sent Derek all the listings on Dublin Road that I saw.

Out of the 8 properties I sent him he found that only 2 fit our criteria. 

We scheduled a tour of both the properties. 

The first one we looked at had recently been bought and was in the process of being renovated. 

It had brand new tile, brand new trim, fresh paint on all the walls and a brand new building smell.

(After looking at a lot of properties I was surprised by how many buildings smelled. I looked at 3-4 that looked like good options, but had a distinct odor and we rejected them because of it.) 

So smell was important.

There were two spaces available.

The 1st was completely renovated but 200 square feet to small.

The second was the perfect size. 

It wasn’t still a shell and needed renovation. 

The owner of the property, Alex, and I discussed a possible custom build out and the time it would take to complete a project like that.

It seemed doable and he thought at most it would take a month.

(Side note - One of my fears when looking for a property was dealing with the “landlord” I’d heard horror stories from people in Chiropractic and other businesses about controlling, dishonest landlords. Luckily, the owner of this property was a younger guy who was interested in doing a custom build out and seemed genuinely excited about watching the process of setting up Optimize Chiropractic. My fear of dealing with a bad landlord subsided.)

I then went home and worked on creating a layout to fit the space. (see below)

Location Option 1 .jpg

The next day I went back to the space to meet with Alex and show him the layout. When going over the layout we found a problem. The reception room was going to be too small. With seating, a small coffee table, bookshelf and a reception desk, patients would be too cramped. 

The doubts about this being the right space started to creep in, but then quickly subsided when Alex suggested we flip the layout. 

The flipped layout created a larger reception room, enough room for a resting room and space to create a small office for myself. (See below)

Office Layout Blog .jpg

At that time I decided (or hoped) that everything would go as planned to make this the home for Optimize Chiropractic. 

It did go as planned. 

Suite #103
3070 Riverside Drive
Upper Arlington, Ohio 

Will be the home of Optimize Chiropractic.

Please follow along as I continue on this journey of opening a data-driven Chiropractic center here in Upper Arlington, Ohio.