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First off, Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you are enjoying this holiday alone, with friends or with family we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy some turkey, some foturkey or whatever you choose to enjoy. Just know we are thankful for you and happy to provide more information about health to you this holiday season!

Office Optimization

Do you work long hours at the office crouched over a computer?
We created this short and concise ebook that covers different exercises you can do at the office and at home to help decrease your pain and help increase movement. Enjoy a quick snippet below or click the link the view the full ebook. Full eBook here!


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Movement Is Life.”

Recent research shows that is exactly the case especially when it comes to neck and brain health. 

A study published in Nature found that head movement is a major contributor when it comes to cerebrospinal fluid circulation.

Why is that important? 

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) plays several vital roles when it comes to the health of the brain including, maintaining a healthy environment for the brain and nerves, it acts to protects to brain spinal cord and nerves, provides proper nutrients to the brain, helps with immune system control and washes away waste that is created by metabolic processes. The waste if not removed can lead to neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The study measured the flow of cerebrospinal fluid before and after head rotations were performed. They found that after head rotations and movement it increased the circulation of CSF. 

Why does that matter to you?

As we age we often times will get tightness and a decrease range of motion of the neck. This study points out that it is important for us to maintain that movement as it has positive effects when it comes brain health and could lead to decreasing the chance for developing neurodegenerative diseases due to properly functioning CSF. However, more studies need to be done before that conclusion can be drawn. 

Here is the link to the study!

Office Update!

-This month we’ve worked with the TriVillage Chamber Of Commerce and the Upper Arlington Rotary Club to collect coats, hats, and gloves for those in need this winter. We have a little over a week left so feel free to come drop off winter gear to help those in need.

-First Research study in the works. Dr. Jake is currently working on his first research study! We can’t divulge any more information about it but we will keep you updated throughout the process!

-Have questions about Structural Chiropractic?
Join us Tuesday night (11/27) at 6-6:30pm as Dr. Jake shares who can benefit from structural chiropractic, the differences between structural chiropractic and conventional chiropractic and answers any questions you have.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

-Optimize Chiropractic

Jacob Coffman