I don't know if it will work...

During Chiropractic College my friends and I always talked about wanting to take care of people that were suffering.

Individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, a list that keeps growing.

I've always had great empathy for people battling these conditions.

I wanted to take of these individuals and I also wanted to take care of CEO’s, Executives, business owners, high performing individuals. 

People that were already excelling and achieving at a high level but wanted an extra leg up on the competition.

Now, after spending 8 months working in a family practice, I get to create a practice exactly how I want.

That practice is going to focus on two groups of people that I envisioned helping all along.

Executives looking for an edge to continue to excel and people who are in desperate need of relief due to challenging conditions.

I know I can help both groups. I know the technique I use works for both groups.

But we didn't learn business in Chiropractic College, we learned Chiropractic.

So please follow along as I try to reach these two groups and help them improve their performance and their lives.